We Have Experts!

If your organization is interested in STEP but has some questions on how to get started or how to propose this program within your agency and community, we want you to talk with Barb Browe!

Barb has a history of having coordinated and facilitated STEP for over 30 years in Southeastern Michigan.  

She has worked with Goodwill Industries in North Carolina to begin their STEP groups in cooperation with the Department of Social Services.  Another group was in a small, rural county where they benefited from her expertise on planning, proposals and similar aspects of "getting started".

Most recently, Barb has supported statewide interest from Florida to Utah with options in providing all aspects of STEP in meeting the needs of the families served. Because STEP is a comprehensive approach to effective parenting, Barb has been able to help agencies adapt to their specific settings.

We provide Barb to your organization at no cost to you. Simply E-mail us at STEPPublishers@Gmail.com with "ATTN: Barb Browe" as part of the subject line, and you're on your way!