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  • STEP Leader's Resource Guide
  • STEP Parent's Handbook

Target population: Parents of children from 6 through 12 years of age.

Program Uniqueness: The progression of topics -- misbehavior, motivation, discipline -- helps parents gain confidence in their abilities. The Parent's Handbook is written in an easily understood, colorful style with cartoons, charts and "Points to Remember" as well as questions for discussion.

STEP is a time-tested, proven third edition of a program which began in 1976 and has reached more than 4.5 million parents - across the world! STEP covers topics important to parents today. Dynamic videos, a parent's handbook, and a comprehensive leader's resource guide together bring you the best in parenting programs.

Your STEP kit includes:

  • Leader's Resource Guide -- leader's materials include session guide, reproducible handouts, activities, parent survey, certificate of participation, additional helps on particular topics important to today's parents.
  • DVD -- two videos model skills parents can use right away, plus a video for parent educators filled with tips on how to lead a parenting group. Closed captioned. (2-1/2 hours)
  • The Parent's Handbook. Order additional copies for each participant here.

Seven sessions address a range of important topics:

  • Understanding Yourself and Your Child
  • Understanding Beliefs and Feelings
  • Encouraging Your Child and Yourself
  • Listening and Talking to Your Child
  • Helping Children Learn to Cooperate
  • Discipline that Makes Sense
  • Choosing Your Approach

Leader's Resource Guide offers detailed guidelines

STEP materials come in a convenient three-ring binder. The materials include detailed session guides and essential information on group leadership. The guide also includes:

  • Group discussion guidelines.
  • Drug awareness handouts.
  • Supplemental activities for additional practice and discussion.
  • Parent survey and evaluation form that can be used as a pretest and posttest to measure the effectiveness of your group, based on parents' comments.

Parent's Handbook covers today's important issues

STEP's handbook for parents includes essential topics such as single parents, stepfamilies, cooperation in the family, schoolwork and homework, drugs, violence, and gangs. STEP is easy to use with chapter openers that relate the contents to a real-life situation; at-home activities that help parents apply STEP ideas; and an index to locate topics easily.

Spanish STEP Version available!

You can also get the complete STEP -- Leader's Resource Guide, Handbook, and videos, in a Spanish version. The videos are fully produced in Spanish-not dubbed or subtitled-with Spanish-speaking actors in true-to-life scenes.  Click here.

Price: $345.00

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